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Discover a gourmet destination that rivals the world’s great food capitals

In Québec City, North America’s history is written in the architecture, the urban fabric, the language, and—of course—our passion for gourmet cuisine. Here, the art of fine dining is an article of faith, an incarnation of our values and the “joie de vivre” that fascinates visitors from every corner of the world. Over the years, newcomers to our city and province have brought new tastes to enrich and diversify Québec’s restaurant landscape. Italian, French, Asian, Mediterranean, and Californian influences have lent our cuisine a proud international flavor, melded with the best that our own “terroir” has to offer—Quebec cheeses, meats, fish, ice ciders and wines…
Many Québec City restaurateurs are stars in their own right, artists renowned for the unique atmospheres, dishes, and concepts they create. Some say our city has the most restaurants per capita of any city in North America. We haven’t done the math, but we can tell you this: every day, over 3,000 restaurants in and around the city open their doors to discerning diners in search of healthy, innovative cuisine.
It’s these thousands of establishments that inspired the creation of 50 Chefs. Each restaurant on our list has been carefully selected based on precise criteria. What tips the balance? For some, it’s the concept. For others, it’s the creativity of the culinary artists at work. Often, outstanding menu value helps seal the deal for an endorsement from 50 Chefs. Whatever the reasons, our list makes a great guide to the cream of Québec City’s restaurant crop—50 prime offerings that are yours for the picking.
Here’s wishing you many a great dining experience as you explore these wonderful restaurants in the company of friends or your special someone. We’re confident that, like us, you’ll become a faithful fan of these sensational eateries that help light up the night life in our fair city.

History with a taste of wine!

Over four centuries ago, French settlers made a new home on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, forging ties of friendship with the First Nations peoples to found a remarkable city “where the river narrows”–Kebek in the Algonquin language. From here, a new nation was born, and settlement expanded across much of eastern North America in the company of Acadians and other European francophones.
These early pioneers left their mark in place names across the continent, including New Orleans and Lafayette, dozens of forts up and down the Mississippi Basin, and many towns and cities around the Great Lakes. Today, their descendants have inherited an open and diverse culinary heritage forged in part by the influence of English Canada and the numerous ethnic communities that have made the province and country their home. The result is a remarkable concentration of global culinary, cultural, and wine traditions that lend a special flavor to Québec City and its neighborhoods.

The delicious discovery of the week!

Remember that 50 Chefs isn’t a ranking, but rather an initiative by leading restaurants to showcase the creative flair of Québec City’s top chefs.
Every week, the 50 Chefs team honors a top Québec City chef and one of his or her signature dishes..
The dish gets a full write-up in the Dimanche Québec section of Journal de Québec, plus a clip on TVA’s Québec par cœur show–an opportunity for the chef to share a few secrets about how it’s prepared.
In a companion article appearing the same day in Journal de Québec, our friend and sommelier Philippe Lapeyrie offers up some suggestions for food and wine pairings to go with what we’ve dubbed the “delicious discovery” of the week (formerly the Diamond Fork). It’s not a trophy or a prize, but an opportunity to acknowledge the creativity of our chefs.
As a promotional organization, our goal is to use mass media to inform local residents and visitors about dishes worth discovering in Québec City. That’s why you’ll see regular TV ads and YouTube and radio interviews suggesting new experiences you may want to try.
Here’s to the chefs!
Bon appétit!